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We are the NoirFansClub. A no-profit cultural association between a group of friends who met and got to know each other through Dolcenera’s music but who want to create links that go beyond that.

We want to create something that is ours. Something to share. If Dolcenera is and remains our focus, the NoirFansClub is the meeting point.

A place where you can experience direct contact, where you can get to know others and create something together.

Yes. But the NoirFansClub aims towards other, more demanding goals.

And therefore we don’t just want to get together for ourselves and DolceNera, but also to take on an active role in promoting solidarity. First, above all, the realisation of humanitarian projects – with particular attention to caring for the young – for which the NoirFansclub will be the spokesperson and to which you can contribute through our web site, Dolcenera’s concerts and other initiatives to be carried out throughout the year.

And lets’ not forget the ConcorsiNoir: Musica e Racconti – Noir Competitions – Music and Tales, that you can activity participate in both as author and as voter, and which offer the grand prize of a record production and an editorial for the best song and the best tale. But remember, at the moment all the NoirFasClub’s page are in Italian.

You can gain access to NoirFansclub in two ways:

A. FREE: in this case you will have access only to the sections of www.noirfansclub.it not reserved to members and you will receive free newsletters on our and Dolcenera’s activities;

to register for free click here
"on line registration form"

B. PAYMENT: through this you will become a member of the cultural association NoirfansClub and you will receive the gadgets that the association has reserved you for 2010. And you will have access to all the sections of www.noirfansclub.it, download exclusive Dolcenera material, receive the NoirFansClub Fanzine, and finally participate actively in all NoirFansClub initiatives. The membership fee is 20,00 euro and includes postage costs for mailing the gadgets. If you are not resident in Italy, please send an e-mail to iscrizioni@noirfansclub.it and ask what you have to do to pay the membership fee. The membership lasts for 12 months dating from the date of payment.

To become a member of the NoirFansClub click here
"registration form"

2010 gadgets which you’ll receive when you join for the fist time NoirFansClub are:


- CD not available in the shops -



As soon as possible we’ll tell you the 2010 gadgets which you will receive if you’ll yoin for the second time NoirFansClub.

For more information please contact:
Associazione Culturale NoirFansClub
Maglie (LE)
www.noirfansclub.it - E-mail:

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