To become a member of the NoirFansClub

1. Compiled the Memberbership forms in electronic format on line in all the parts with nickname and password too.
2. Let’s download the registration form in paper format .pdf (if you haven’t, you can download Acrobat Reader from this link)

3. The Membership  in electronic and paper format must be compiled in the same way (Under-18s can register for NoirFansClub Cultural Association and Registration is, however, subject to authorisation from a parent or the adult responsible for their registration and the payment of the membership fee)

4. If you are resident in Italy, please go to nearest local post office and pay the Association annual membership fee to c/c n. 70698923 intestato a NOIRFANSCLUB - 73024 MAGLIE (LE) please, write on the back of the paying-in slip your personal data and the casual with “Association membersheep 2024” and your Nickname. If you are not resident in Italy, please send an e-mail to and ask what you have to do to pay the membership fee. The Association annual membership fee is 20,00 euro and includes postage costs for mailing the gadgets.

5. Send the Membership registration form in .pdf with the payment of the annual membership fee Annual choosing between of this:a) send a fax to: 0836-427539 (from 8,00 am to 8,00 pm)

b) send an e-mail to
We will activate your on line NoirFansClub’s services after riceving your membership
registration form and we sill send you as soon as possible the NoirFansClub’s gadgets.
The 2006 gadgets which you will receive at your home when you join NoirFansClub are:


THE “DOLCENERA CANTA IL CINEMA” CD not available in the shops


And you will have access to all the sections of, you will receive “PASSO DOPO PASSO”: the NoirFansClub Fanzine with the exclusive notice, interview, concert and curiosity about Dolcenera, her and our world. Let’s join with us.

Download the Associazione Culturale NoirFanClub’s Statute
Download the Associazione Culturale NoirFanClub’s Statute
Download the Association Membership forms
Association Membership forms

Compiled the Membership Registration form

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